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How it works

Plug in

Our Plug & Play parking dongle can be fitted in under 60 seconds on any car newer than 2001.


When you park, we start your session. When you leave, we end it. Simple.

Pay monthly

Get billed automatically and review your parking sessions on your smartphone. No hassle needed.

No more parking fines.

We all hate parking fines. We know when and where you’ve parked, which means you won’t be getting fines anymore. That’s something to celebrate.

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Parking made easy

We get that you’ve got more important things to do than parking.


Pay by minute

With Parkd you park-by-the-minute, that way you never pay too much or risk paying too little. Say goodbye to wasted cash and parking fines!

never forget

Never forget

Park your car, we’ll do the rest. No more forgetting to pay or restart a session. We do it so you can focus on more important things.

no hassle

No hassle

No more fumbling for small change, figuring out how to pay by text message or using confusing apps. Just park.

Parkd works for everyone

Thousands of people are experiencing the magic of Parkd.
Life’s better when you don’t have to think about parking.

Parkd for Commuters

"When you spend as much time commuting as I do, anything that can make the commute easier is worthwhile."
Dylan Dylan Utrecht, Consultant

Parkd for Busy Parents

"If you’ve done it, you know parking with kids is crazy. Parkd is worth every penny for the stress it’s eradicated!"
Julia Julia Amsterdam, Mom

Parkd for Business

It doesn’t matter how many vehicles you’ve got in your fleet, you can connect as many Parkd devices as you’d like and pay under one account. Save time parking and focus on what really matters.

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Pricing that's simple

Pay per month for Parkd.

PERSONAL per month
  • No starting costs
  • No registration fee
  • No more parking tickets
  • Pay per minute
  • Free app
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BUSINESS per month per vehicle
  • Multiple cars
  • Split billing for personal/business
  • One monthly collective invoice
  • Link telematics provider
  • MyParkd dashboard
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